How to stay healthy when you're a tattooist

Staying healthy can be difficult in the best of circumstances. But, staying heathy when you’re a tattooist? Sitting at a tattoo station for 8, 10, 12+ hours a day. That’s an even more challenging task.

Get the balance right from the start.

A truly healthy life combines many things, from eating right to getting enough exercise, to keeping a sound mind. Ignoring any aspect of good health lifestyle can slowly erode your health shorten your career and massively affect the quality of your tattoos.

Staying heathy when you’re a tattooist is partly knowing the challenges that a sitting down job can present, where the dangers lie and how to strike that all important balance before it’s too late.

Here are 15 ways to stay healthy even though you sit all day.

For those of us who sit down whilst we work most of the day, health and well-being aren’t always easy to work into our lifestyles. Still, the facts show that we must be proactive about eating well and moving enough during the day in order to avoid weight gain, stress and flagging fitness.

Sitting down all day long is one of the worst things for your health, as it increases the likelihood of heart disease and weight gain — among other ills. We sit down at the studio, then we sit in the car, and once home, we sit to eat and watch TV!

What to do?

Small changes, practiced consistently over a long period of time, are the best way to increase health and well-being. Here are 21 easy-to-adopt ideas to get inspired. Remember, you don’t have to do them all!!