Peony iPhone Wallpaper by JustBeth


A custom made Peony iPhone wallpaper (that probably works on other phones but we’re not sure!) drawn by JustBeth. Although we cannot guarantee it –  we think this Peony iPhone Wallpaper will make your phone at least 23% cooler instantly.



Peony iPhone Wallpaper by JustBeth

Peony iPhone Wallpaper by JustBeth

All tattoo fans love peonies so grab yourself this custom Peony iPhone wallpaper today.

There is one legend that shows that peony is derived from the name “Paeon”. A physician to the gods who received the peony flower on Mount Olympus from mother of Apollo. Another legend tells the story of a physician saved from fate of dying like the other mortals. He changed into the Peony flower we know today.

The Peony and it’s meaning in Tattooing

Peonies embody prosperity and romance and there are individuals who see them as symbols of good fortune and happy marriage. Because Peony tattoos  symbolize wealth, good fortune and prosperity. It means that the Peony is a strong symbol of beauty, fragility and transitory nature of existence. Furthermore, they depict that getting great rewards is only possible by taking great risks.

In the traditional Japanese tattooing, there is pairing of some tattoo elements like dragons, demons and lions with flowers. Effectively, delicate power and beauty balancing. Botan or peonies are forms of flower symbols traditionally paired with shish or Japanese Lion.

The pairing is known as Karajishi and the lion’s ferocity is tampered by the peony’s beauty. Apart from being a simple symbol peony can be a powerful tattoo design. Because of this the Peony is a flower with a deep history of veneration and cultivation for many centuries. For example in china and Japan, the peony is a symbolic floral with similar meaning to the lotus, chrysanthemum and cherry blossom.

The Peony is known to be a symbol of wealth. Also remember that in China and Japan people used stone lions to guard sacred places, homes, palaces and temples and therefore the peony and the lion combination are not accidental.