Custom Painted Jacket


Your very own hand painted and lettered custom painted jacket by Paul Talbot. We can either start with your idea or one of mine.

The process is simple

  • Find a leather jacket that suits you but needs some ‘paulisms’ and send it me.
  • I’ll design a digital mockup of your design and send it you to ok before I start.
  • I’ll paint the jacket and send it you once its dry.
  • You put it on and instantly look awesome!

Custom painted jackets

I started out making custom painted jackets for my mates. It was mostly Heavy Metal band album covers and logos back then. I started out with a very modest ‘setup’ – Basically some leftover model paint and correction fluid! It was an extremely humble entrance into the world of the commercial artist but it was – weirdly – a great way to learn. I figured out what looks good and what doesn’t early on and started ‘translating’ the flat album art onto the movable 3d canvas that is a leather ‘rocker’ jacket. It was the beginning of learning how to fit designs to the body. So I guess it helped me when I became a tattooist.

I think I’ve always been more at home making custom painted jackets and guitars than canvases. Don’t get me wrong a canvas is great but jackets and guitars? They feel like ‘home’ to me.

Get your Own Custom Jacket

All you have to do is find a leather jacket you like and send it me. I’ll then make a digital mockup of your design – which can be either your idea or mine and send it you. Once we’re both happy I’ll paint the jacket for you, let it dry and then ship it back. I might even add some studs and put a free gift in the pocket. Who knows?!

custom painted jackets