Custom Painted Guitar


Your very own hand painted and lettered custom painted guitar by Paul Talbot. We can either start with your idea or one of mine.

The process is simple

  • Disassemble your guitar and send the body to me.
    My tech can do this, reassemble and set it up for you but it costs more. Message me for a price.
  • I’ll design a digital mockup of your design and send it you to ok before I start.
  • I’ll paint the guitar and send it you once its dry.
    Either lacquered or not depending on your tone preference.
  • You plug it in and instantly play like Eddie Van Halen!*

Custom painted Guitars

I started out making custom painted guitars for myself to use on stage. It was mostly My favourite Comic books combined with skateboard company stickers and logos back then. This was how I learnt collage as an art form. Crudely cutting up comics, porn mags and anything else that just looked cool and sticking them to my guitars. My Glues of choice were wallpaper paste, leftover model glue or anything else I could steal from the local Woolworths!

I fell in love with guitars when I was about 7 years old. Staring at them through the window of Jonsons in Bromsgrove, I had no idea what they did or sounded like. But I knew that whatever it was I wanted to do It!  So, I promise to treat your guitar with exactly the same love and care that I would with one of my own.

You have been warned!

Get your Own Custom Guitar

All you have to do is disassemble your guitar and send the body to me. I can also paint the headstock if you want and my tech can disassemble, reassemble and re-setup your guitar for you. But it costs more so message me for a price.

I’ll then make a digital mockup of your design – which can be either your idea or mine and send it you. Once we’re both happy I’ll paint the guitar for you, let it dry lacquer it (or not) and then ship it back. I might even put a free gift in with it. Who knows?!

*Even though my artwork is very good it can’t make you play like His Royal Highness EVH. Sorry.

custom painted guitar by Paul talbot