Butterfly iPhone Wallpaper by JustBeth


A custom made Butterfly iPhone wallpaper (that probably works on other phones but we’re not sure!) drawn by JustBeth. Although we cannot guarantee it –  we think this Butterfly iPhone Wallpaper will make your phone at least 26% cooler instantly.



Butterfly iPhone Wallpaper by JustBeth

Butterfly iPhone Wallpaper by JustBeth

Butterflies have often been the go-to for tattoo clients who want something softer, with their ornate wings and bright colours, it’s no surprise this is a popular choice. And that’s why this Butterfly iPhone Wallpaper by JustBeth is perfect. Butterflies are beautiful, and one of the most impressive insects on the planet. Though other insects go through a similar process, the butterfly’s transformation is truly special.

People mostly seem to get butterfly tattoos to symbolise:

  • Overcoming addiction
  • Changing toxic behavior patterns
  • Starting a new exciting phase of life
  • Coming out as their truest self

Symbolism in Different Cultures

They’re such magical creatures, in fact, that many legends and myths have been written about them. Butterflies also tend to symbolise freedom because of their wings and are associated with beauty due to their ornate appearance.

Butterflies can also symbolise various things as can this Butterfly iPhone wallpaper, depending on which culture you look at.

  • Japanese culture believes that butterflies are seen as the personification of one’s soul, whether it be living, dying, or dead. It is also thought that if a butterfly enters your guest room and sits behind the bamboo screen, a person whom you love is coming to see you. But, at the same time, butterflies in large numbers are bad omens.
  • In the Russian culture, butterflies can represent a woman or grandmother.
  • The Greek translation of butterfly means “soul.”
  • In China, two butterflies flying together is a symbol of love.