Yeah! What IS it?

It's Hi-Tech Piracy. Customised, Collaged and Tattooed.

That! Is What IT is!

UK Trash Polka.What are those Red and Black tattoos called? Where do they come from?
They’re called Trash Polka™ and I do them with an English accent. Personally, I prefer the more universal term ‘graphic tattoo’ whilst I’m re-examining bits and pieces of what’s been discarded in the haste of the late 20th century and sticking them together. 

Graphic Tattoos & ArtworX by Paul Talbot

UK Trash Polka Artist Paul Talbot.

What's your Process?

Its always the first question. How does it work? I want a tattoo from you, how do I get it? Which way do you like to work? Or some version of the same thing. I’ve spent years trying to come up with an answer that will both make sense and work for us both. This is my current version.
When it comes to the question of my process, and this might seem daft, but quite honestly my process isn’t about me. Its about you. And I don’t mean that in any sort of cheesy life coach commercial sort away.
The tattoo you want from me might be the only tattoo you’re going to get. It might be your first tattoo or it might be 100th. You may have no idea ‘how it works’ or you may have gotten used to a particular way of working with artists that you enjoy.  You may be asking the same question as everyone else but your expectations and your needs are likely to be very different from the person I tattooed yesterday.
Over the years talking to clients I’ve managed to boil my process down into something that’s simple and doesn’t require a 5000 word explanation.

Just answer these three questions.

  1. Do you have a theme or idea for your tattoo?

    If you don’t then I have loads of artwork – all stuff that I’m really excited to make available on this website for you to choose from. All you have to do is go and find something that you like, buy it and then book in to get it tattooed.


    If you have got a theme or an idea for your tattoo the second question is:

  2. Can you explain your idea in a way that I will understand via email?

    This should be the kind of idea that isn’t too conceptual and can easily be put into words or illustrated using picture references
    ‘Womans face with a flowers and some patterns” would be an example of this kind of theme of idea.
    “I want a piece that looks like the smell of  my grandmother’s cardigan and how made me feel when I was a child” is not!
    If your idea is easy to put into words, you can just send me an email. I’ll read it and make sure I understand it. Then you pay your artwork fee and book in to get it tattooed. I’ll create your piece of artwork a little in advance of the session and send it you. We’ll make any amendments at the beginning of your session while I’m fitting the piece and making stencils.

    The third and final question is:

  3. What happens when your theme or idea is very conceptual, it’s got lots of stuff it’s very difficult to explain?

    I’ll book you in for a consultation, design and fitting session (usually around 3 hours) before your tattoo appointment and we’ll create the artwork in my studio together. I’ll either give you a copy of it to take away with you or email it before you get it tattooed. We’ll make any amendments at the beginning of your session while I’m fitting the piece and making stencils.
In every instance of the process you get to see the artwork in advance. I think that not seeing your artwork before the your appointment is massively stressful for you and me. The question ‘what happens if I don’t like it?’ is a really big one. I prefer that you’ve seen the artwork and that you’re happy and confident on the first day of the session. You should know exactly what you’re going to get and be as excited as I am to get it done.
The Pale Blue Dot

The Pale Blue Dot

UK Trash Polka by Paul Talbot

Albert Einstein

UK Trash Polka by Paul Talbot

Ladies Night in buffalo

UK Trash Polka by Paul Talbot

Ashes To Ashes

UK Trash Polka by Paul Talbot

Non, je ne regrette rien

UK Trash Polka by Paul Talbot

2 Days in Berlin

UK Trash Polka by Paul Talbot

Conformity Equals Crisis

UK Trash Polka by Paul Talbot

Pornography for Plutocrats

UK Trash Polka by Paul Talbot

Nantucket Sleighride

UK Trash Polka by Paul Talbot

Kate Bush Tattoo

UK Trash Polka by Paul Talbot

Salvador Dali

UK Trash Polka by Paul Talbot

Suffragette City

Billy Joe Armstrong Green Day - Graphic Tattoo Art by Paul Talbot (paultlbt) Tattooist

Billy Joe Armstrong, Green Day

baby it was real tattoo

Baby it was Real

Strange Bird Graphic Tattoo Art by Paul Talbot (paultlbt) Tattooist

Strange Bird

Cosmic floral tattoo Tattoo Art by Paul Talbot (paultlbt) Tattooist

Cosmic Flowers

UK Trash Polka Artist Paul Talbot.

Street Art Collages on Human Skin.

Trash Polka™ With an English Accent.

Do you want to read something that actually resembles a ‘bio’ about me? – Paul Talbot UK Trash Polka Artist? Well, there’s a sort of bio on the about page. I don’t really like talking about myself in the third person though! I prefer to describe me and my artworX like this…

Stills from a Postmodern Science-Fiction Movie Set Ten Minutes in The Future. Global Slang for The Common Man. Pornography for Plutocrats.The Myth, and the Religion of Design Or Die. Talent Borrows, Genius Steals. So Kiss The Future. Forget The Past. Stealing From The Thieves And Selling It Back. Resist Baby! If You Don’t Understand What’s Going On Then It’s Probably Art. Repeating The Meaningless Until It Means Even Nothing More. Like A Hub Cap Diamond Star Halo. Another Ego-Star With A Crystal Sheen Guitar. Don’t Bore Us Get To The Chorus. London-Paris-NewYork-Munich Everybody Loves MMM-Pop Music. A Flesh And Machine Multi-Media Statement. So Put On Your Mouse Ears And Get In Line. Because Right Now Is Harder Than It Looks. Mind The Oranges Marlon. Mix me a Molotov. An Irreverent Revolution Or An Incoherent Evolution? Who Cares.This Is Ours To Destroy.


Getting a Tattoo from me is very straightforward. But clients do have questions. This FAQ should answer the most common ones.

Paul Talbot Tattooist at Modern Electric Tattoo Co

What's Your Day Rate?

My current UK day rate is £600 and I’m currently booking appointments at my studio for early 2022. I’m not currently travelling or doing many conventions. I don't usually require a deposit for tattoo appointments but I do charge for artwork. A custom piece of artwork takes time to create as well as tattoo. My artwork charge is £300 which non-refundable and is NOT deducted from your tattoo session.

How long is your waiting list?

I like to keep my waiting list to around 6 months but this can extend to over 9 months if I'm really busy.

I want a custom piece based on my own idea.

Ask yourself, can you clearly describe it and put it on email or do you need to chat to me about it?
If you can just email me: and we’ll take it from there.
If you can’t just email Karen: and she’ll arrange a consultation/design/fitting session and the studio

Can I see my artwork in advance?

Everyone of my clients gets to see their artwork in advance. Amendments to your artwork happen at the beginning of your tattoo session.

My question isn't answered here?

If your question isn’t covered by this FAQ then just email me.