Paul Talbot (paultlbt) Tattooist

Yeah! What is it?

The Pale Blue Dot

Ladies Night in buffalo

Non, je ne regrette rien

2 Days in Berlin

Conformity Equals Crisis

Pornography for Plutocrats

Nantucket Sleighride

Kate Bush Tattoo

Suffragette City

Billy Joe Armstrong, Green Day

Baby it was Real

Paul Talbot (paultlbt) Tattooist

Karma.Punk Collages on Human Skin. Trash Polka™ With an English Accent.

Re-examining Bits and Pieces of What’s Been Discarded in the Haste of the Late 20th Century and Sticking Them Together.

Paul Talbot or paultlbt? Tattooist? or Tattoo Artist? Who cares?!
If you would like to read something that actually resembles a ‘bio’ then there’s (sort of) one on the about page. But I prefer to describe my tattoos like this…

Stills from a Postmodern Science-Fiction Movie Set Ten Minutes in The Future. Global Slang for The Common Man. Pornography for Plutocrats.The Myth, and the Religion of Design Or Die. Talent Borrows, Genius Steals. So Kiss The Future. Forget The Past. Stealing From The Thieves And Selling It Back. Resist Baby! If You Don’t Understand What’s Going On Then It’s Probably Art. Repeating The Meaningless Until It Means Even Nothing More. Like A Hub Cap Diamond Star Halo. Another Ego-Star With A Crystal Sheen Guitar. Don’t Bore Us Get To The Chorus. London-Paris-NewYork-Munich Everybody Loves MMM-Pop Music. A Flesh And Machine Multi-Media Statement. So Put On Your Mouse Ears And Get In Line. Because Right Now Is Harder Than It Looks. Mind The Oranges Marlon. Mix me a Molotov. An Irreverent Revolution Or An Incoherent Evolution? Who Cares.This Is Ours To Destroy.

Hi-Tech Piracy. Customised and Collaged.

That! Is What it is!

Getting a Tattoo from me is very straightforward. But clients do have questions. This FAQ should answer the most common ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Your Day Rate?

My current UK day rate is £600 and I’m currently booking appointments at my studio - 2020. I’m not currently travelling or doing many conventions. To secure a booking I require a £300 booking fee which is deducted from the final cost of your tattoo on your last sitting.

How long is your waiting list?

I like to keep my waiting list to around 6 months but this can extend to over 9 months if I'm really busy.

I want a custom piece based on my own idea.

Initially, please email me a rough outline of your ideas/themes along with placement, size and photos of the area you want me to tattoo to:
Email is hard to get you're idea over fully so I only need enough of your idea at this point to allow me to decide if it's a project that I want to take on. It’s more important that I know if the area requires a cover or if you have other work that I need to add to etc.

Can I see my artwork in advance?

I don’t make any artwork in advance. I make all my artwork on the day of your first appointment. This can take a few hours or all day depending on the size and scope of the piece and it’s why ALL my appointments for custom work require a minimum of 2 appointments. Tattooing for me is all about putting the right artwork on EVERY client and I find that this process allows you to really get involved with your artwork and for me to get a better idea of what it is you’re after without email getting in the way etc. Two humans in a room making a great piece of artwork - simple.

I want a piece of your artwork based on your idea.

If you want a piece of my artwork put ‘free reign’ in the subject field. I have a stock of pieces ready to go that you can choose from once you’ve paid your initial booking fee. PLEASE NOTE: If your budget will only stretch to a single day sitting this is the ONLY way to get a piece from me. Once I’ve confirmed that your tattoo is a ‘go’ Karen will email you confirmation and payment details to secure your dates. She’ll also send you the link to the ‘client only’ area of my website so you can choose one of my 'ready to go' pieces.

My question isn't answered here?

If your question isn't covered by this FAQ then please email it to Karen: You can also use the contact form here on the website. It goes straight to Karen too.