Sometimes Things go wrong!
This is the out-takes episode.

Overcome Failure as an Artist right now! By Learning to understand that failure is inevitable and that your Successes can be a direct result of your failures.

While we film our little documentary-series about the shop things go wrong all the time. But instead of dwelling on not plugging in the mic of putting the camera into record or forgetting what we’re saying and letting it get us down we just turned it into and out-takes episode. Lemons to Lemonade, and that the type of thinking im going to share with you here.

Failure is here to stay

You might as well come to grips with it now, but failure is here to stay. It’ll happen, thats a fact but how you respond to it is up to you. If failure didn’t exist, we’d be great at everything and life would be boring. Nothing in life is worthwhile without skinning your knees a bit.  What makes us an expert in our field is the fact that we’ve failed countless amounts of times but are still standing and have gained wisdom as a by-product.  So the more we fail and endure, the more people will look to us as an authority in our industry.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and getting dragged into the downward spiral, make note of all the things that happened that led to your failure and promise yourself to take action toward a better outcome next time.

“What you resist, persists.”  ~Carl Jung

Contrary to what a lot of people believe art isn’t all fun and games. Its challenging but Overcoming your failure and challenges can actually be very good for you.

Its not all fun & games

Underneath the pretty colours and intricate details are struggles that can only be understood by those within the artistic community. My biggest tip for overcoming feeling of failure is to share them with artists around you. You’d be amazed at how much better you’ll feel just knowing that all the amazing artists you know suffer from the same problems you do. And they sometimes have incredible advice and insights that could really help you overcome your anxiety about failure.

Don’t expect people outside your industry to understand you won’t be able to properly express the complex conflicts between mind and body, frustrating and disappointing results to outsiders who just don’t understand what being an artist really means.

When it comes to the life of an artist, it’s easier said than drawn.