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Hey! I'm Kez!

Originally from Barrow in 'The North™' I did my apprenticeship in Pontypridd, Wales between working for BT (yeah I did that) to pay my rent and studying animation. I’d only been doing my apprenticeship for 6 months when I finished my degree. My housemates in Wales all decided they wanted to move to London and take me along for the ride, so I thought why not?

I first worked at a Studio called ‘Ouch’ in Ealing and then at their sister studio in Brentford – a standard street shop and I’d only been apprenticing for about 6 months this at this point, so I was totally chucked in the deep end! A street shop is a great place to really sharpen and honed your skills and I was there for 2 years before I moved to Skunx Tattoo in Angel, Islington. Whilst working at Skunkz tattooing – for me – really ‘got under my skin’. Animation was put on the back burner and tattooing became my focus and passion. 15 years later and I’m still learning and loving what I do very day.

I left London moved to the midlands in an age old tradition – ‘because of a boy’. I met Matt when I was working at Skunkz, He got tattooed by my then boss Nick and when he first came in I was like “god he’s got a mouth on him” I never though in a million years we’d end up married with a kid living on the outskirts of Brum lol! When I first moved up I bounced around a few studios looking for a home. I’d been asked to work at Modern Body Art in the city centre whilst working with Leah Moule at Spear Tattoo in Kings Heath but finally settled at Modern Electric.

I guess because of my love of animation I really enjoy doing illustrative and painted style realism tattoos. But I pretty much do everything. You see, when I started tattooing it was pre-tattoo TV and the ‘interweb’, names were charged per letter and Dusk ‘til Dawn tribal sleeves were the ‘in’ thing. So I get nostalgic doing the odd kanji symbol and bit of Cherry Creek Flash, upside down names on wrists and all that jazz! Oh, it takes me back!

When I’m not tattooing you’ll find me in the garden or at the garden centre. If I’m not knee deep in soil fannying about with rockeries and bonsai trees with a can of Fosters in my hand, then I get a bit mardy.

I’m also known to be a bit clumsy and waffle a lot when I’m tattooing. I’m starting to waffle now so I’m gonna end before I go off on a tangent. See ya!

Getting a Tattoo from me is very straightforward. But clients do have questions. This FAQ should answer the most common ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Are Your Rates?

Because of the complexity of colour realism and watercolour style tattoos I prefer to set my price on a 'for the piece basis' This allows both you and me to just relax into the day and let it take as long as it takes.
Of course for multiple session, large scale work or pieces that take less than a couple of hours I price them by the day or by the hour. My current day rate is £480 and my hourly rate is £80.
To secure an appointment I require a 40% booking fee which is deducted from the final cost of your tattoo on your last sitting.

How long is your waiting list?

I like to keep my waiting list to around 3 months. I'm also a full-time mum so my 'email time' is a bit limited at times! But,I promise I WILL get back to you (eventually!) If you need a quick answer to a question it's often better to just email Karen at the shop:

I want a custom piece based on my own idea.

No Worries! Initially, please email me a rough outline of your ideas/themes along with placement, size and photos of the area you want me to tattoo to:
Then we can have a chat about what you want, colours etc via email.

Can I see my artwork in advance?

Because I work mainly in realism, I don’t make any artwork in advance. It's simply a case of finding a great reference image and then creating a stencil from that. So I make all my artwork on the day.

My question isn't answered here?

If your question isn't covered by this FAQ then please email it to Karen: You can also use the contact form here on the website. It goes straight to Karen too.

Kerry Irvine Tattoos