Welcome to Modern Electric.

Ever wondered how to open your own tattoo studio?

I opened Modern Electric early in 2010 at the end of a global recession under another name. It wasn’t the easiest first few years and I made many mistakes early on. Being far too trusting and losing the original name of my shop being one of them!

And that’s the reason I’m sharing my experience with you. Hopefully, by reading this, you’ll understand what it takes a little better and how to open your own tattoo studio. Hopefully you’ll make less mistakes than I did!

There are a lot of how to guides online but to be honest I doubt that any of them were actually written by tattoo shop owners! Just take a look:



Quite honestly I wouldn’t follow any advice their except from the actual headlines which are about the only thing thats accurate as far as I can tell!

So I thought I would out together a simple checklist based on my personal experiences in the tattoo industry for any who wants to know how to open your own tattoo studio? as a real world guide for starting a successful shop. I’m going to call this guide ‘Welcome To Planet Motherfucker you Psychoholic Slag’

  • Get a good landlord
    One that won’t throw you out on you ear at a moments notice is preferable.
  • Get a good Lawyer
    They can save you a fortune.
  • Get trustworthy staff
    The kind that don’t steal from you and then ride on your coat-tails are best.
  • Do great work and share it
    Preferably with the editors of a number of number of international magazines.
  • Don’t compromise
    It’s better to fail as you than succeed as someone else.

And with that I’ll leave you with this thought;
Like a jesus super-star. Yeah! kiss me deadly, baby I know who you are.