How to get a Great Tattoo.

Wondering how to get a great tattoo? Maybe it’s your first, maybe it’s a cover of something amateur or poorly done. At Modern Electric Tattoo Co – The best in Bromsgrove – we make it easy.

Serious artists spend approximately three to four years in an apprenticeship at a registered studio. Just like any other apprenticeship, they have to earn their dues, get the coffee, and sweep the floor before they earn those trade secrets. They’ve not learnt solely off the Internet or at some ‘school’ in a six week course. (Don’t believe it if someone cites the Internet as their credentials. They don’t know how to tattoo. Simple.)

Kitchen Wizard? Mobile Artist? Er, no thanks.

There are tattooists out there who will blow your mind with what they can do… and then there are those who should never pick up a machine (yes machine, not gun). ‘Kitchen wizards’ have also taken advantage of the art forms rise in popularity. Colloquially known as “scratchers,” they are responsible for that crappy tattoo on your mate’s cousin that is all blotchy and misspelt and they are universally HATED by industry professionals.

Take Your Time, Find The Right Artist For You

Thankfully, these days its easy to find a great artist who can do exactly the kind of thing you’re looking for. Just be prepared to wait, travel and pay properly for it.

“Good work ain’t cheap, cheap work ain’t good ~ Sailor Jerry

There are plenty of websites that vet the quality of the artist on their site for you and make it easy to search for the best of the best. features the best artists from around the world in a searchable directory style site. is our favourite tattoo magazine that features the very best tattoo art from around the world and interviews with the premier league of tattooists out there.

Tattoo Snob is one of our favourite instagram accounts sharing top quality tattoos in all the genres from all over the world