Karen Runs Everything

Are you wondering how to become a tattoo studio manager? Or what’s it like running the best tattoo studio in Bromsgrove?

One word, Busy!

Karen Talbot is the manager of Modern Electric. Her job has been crucial to the studio success up to this point. Here’s a breakdown of the studio managers role in case you are thinking of how to become a tattoo studio manager.

Her Skills are pretty extensive:

  • Team management skills
  • Time management skills
  • Client relations skills
  • Accounting skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability skills

These are here Tools of the trade:

  • Word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word
  • Spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel
  • Invoicing software
  • Complex production equipment
  • Project and event scheduling applications

The studio managers role, is too provide support to the team and a point of call to funnel information between the client and the artist. Whether it be a small tattoo studio that only requires one or two of these roles. Or a large tattoo studio that requires multiple individuals in each area of creative and resource management.

Without this integral role, much of the management of a project falls on a tattooists’ shoulders. Allowing less time for the creative design and the artworking itself. Being a personable character is also an important trait of a Studio Manager. A happy studio makes for an enjoyable work environment, increased productivity and an all-round warm fuzzy feeling. Of course, as with any role, there are challenges. Learning to say ‘no’ but providing an alternative, understanding and navigating team politics and balancing individuals wants and needs on a professional and personal level. Karen does all of these things amazingly! We simply couldn’t do what we do without her professionalism. That she gained from years of experience running busy receptions in the hotel trade.

It all comes down to communication, respect and teamwork. She is constantly re-evaluating our processes and learning how to balance constraints and freedoms to achieve the best end result. If you are thinking of how to become a tattoo studio manager then you should talk to Karen about the job!