"We'll just change those two sinks and move some furniture"

Paul Talbot March 24th 2020

But It was finally time for a Good Tattoo Studio Design

That was exactly what I intended to do. Just a couple of little DIY jobs while we were going to be closed for a couple of weeks. Well, it’s 100 days later today and those 2 sinks have been changed but so has a lot more and in more ways that one…

Sitting in the shop on that first day with the furniture moved and everything a mess I realised it was time for a Good Tattoo Studio Design, some reinventioncreative destruction. 10 years ago I was a guitar player that did tattoos, 10 years later I’m a tattooist that plays the guitar. Sometimes in business you find yourself at a point when your old ideas simply can’t take any further and it’s time for something new. This – coupled with the fact that my ‘old ideas’ are still being presented as someone else ‘new ideas’ not that far from me – made me think that it was time to say goodbye to an old friend and hello to a new one.

Goodbye, Old Friend

Over the years the studio has been a sanctuary, a church, a nightclub and so many other things that it was hard for me to see it any other way. A lot has happened here and to say I’m emotionally attached would be the understatement of the century! But change is necessary and I felt that it was time that Modern Electric lived up to it’s reputation as the best tattoo studio in Bromsgrove.

The importance of a good tattoo studio design when it comes to creative spaces is well documented and I want to create a brand new space that made everyone in the room feel creative instead of just me. Modern Electrics’ original design was done purely for me with no intention of hosting 6 artists so the new Modern Electric had to work for everyone.

100 days later we’re nearly finished and I’m about the head off to the studio to fix those hanging cables with my ‘sparky’ mate and start re-stocking the stations that are now 6 feet apart. I’ve also taken the decision to return to being an appointment only studio that is open seven days a week.

I’ll do an update to this post once we’ve been working in the new space for a little while and got some feedback from clients. I hope you all love the brand new Modern Electric as much as we do and if you don’t you can just visit the toilet for a look at what happened to the old shop!

Take Care

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