Frederick Yorke Tattoo

I’m Fred and I'm the lettering guy

I’ve been apprenticing at Modern Electric for around 12 months now.

My interest towards art and lettering in particular, started when I was a nipper. At 8 years old I got caught doing graffiti, etching my name into my school desk with a compass! Having to sand it down in front of my parents after school taught me a very important lesson in life – ‘Don’t get caught’.

From that point it kind of went either up or down hill – depending on how you look at it. As I got older my paintings became bigger, better and in more highly trafficked spots. Writing was and will always be a huge part of my history. But,as they say, all good things they have to come to end, and there came a moment after a few scrapes and broken bones when I had to slow down and focus more on the other things in life.

After a few years of completely halting my drawings, I decided it was time to pick up the pen again and try and make something of my previous skill, after about 18 months of practicing script I decided it was time to look for an apprenticeship. Having a graphic designer who understands letter forms as a mentor is the best person I could have asked for. I think this is partly why my tattooing is progressing faster than anyone expected. That and the fact that Modern Electric is the best place I’ve ever worked!

Getting a Tattoo from me is very straightforward. But clients do have questions. This FAQ should answer the most common ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Your Day Rate?

While I'm still learning I'm charging £150 for a day sitting, for smaller tattoos I charge £30 per hour.

How long is your waiting list?

I'm an apprentice I haven't got a waiting list!

Do you only do lettering?

Nah, I'm learning so I need to learn to tattoo all styles properly. As long as Paul says I'm ready for it, I can tattoo other styles.

I want a custom piece based on my own idea.

No worries, just email the words you want to: and I'll draw up a design for you.

Can I see my artwork in advance?

Yes you can. Either call in at the shop and I'll show it you or I'll email it to you.

I want a piece of your artwork based on your idea.

I've got bare designs on my instagram and in the studio for you to choose from. Just pick the one you want and message me.

My question isn't answered here?

If your question isn't covered by this FAQ then please email it to Karen: You can also use the contact form here on the website. It goes straight to Karen too.

Frederick Yorke Tattoo