Piercing and Laser by Chel Weaver

Piercing to me isn’t simply a job it’s my passion .

I first got into piercing around 10 years ago

And by accident really. When the guys at the tattoo studio I was getting tattooed at joked “you spend as much time here as us you might as work here” and that was that. I helped out at first making tea and coffee (essential in any good tattoo studio!), answering the phones and the daily tasks of running a tattoo studio all whilst slowly teaching myself how to pierce! Researching, learning and practicing on friends and family that I’m forever grateful to!

In 2014 I got the opportunity to truly learn the ART of piercing and how to pierce properly. This was a massive 'growth period' for me. My technique and style moved forward very quickly and so did my loyal customer following. Never one for sitting still at this point I also decided to start learning how to use a laser tattoo removal machine.

A couple of years passed when I got the incredible opportunity to move location and be more independent. Running a piercing business myself and expanding jewellery options to more and more ranges, styles and designs. Business grew rapidly with so many regular, return and new piercing customers keeping me busy day in day out. I finally added laser removal to my services in 2018.

In 2020 I made an emotionally difficult decision to relocate. In order to expand further and grow I moved to Modern Electric and a new adventure began!
My decision has already proved to be the right one. This year I've already added a 14k gold range to my available jewellery options and I have so many more ideas that I can't wait to share with you.

Getting a Piercing or a Laser session from me is very straightforward. But clients do have questions. This FAQ should answer the most common ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Probably the question I get asked the most. Pain is obviously subjective to everyone, in short yes it’s going to be a little uncomfortable but varies depending on the body part. The process will be carried out efficiently and professionally to limit any discomfort.

Can you recommend what piercing is best for me?

Absolutely, we are all very different anatomically so I will always advise on any piercing that will or won’t work for you.

Is there age restrictions?

I do not pierce anyone under 18 without the legal parent / guardian present

Some piercings are age restricted

  • Nipples/genitals 18+ (ID may be requested)
  • Tongues 16 +
  • Navel 14 +
  • Lobes 6+

Do you use guns?

We don’t use piercing guns for several reason.

The first and most important is that they can be a source of infection transmission. Piercing guns get a certain amount of blood and other body fluids on them during a piercing. As they are generally made of plastic, they cannot be sterilized they would melt. Also, all the nooks & crannies around the mechanism tend to trap blood/fluids where they can’t physically be reached to decontaminate.

Another issue is that piercings performed with piercing guns are in no way gentle. They rely on brute force to get jewellery that is not very sharp through the skin. This causes a significant amount more trauma than piercings done with piercing sharps, especially for piercings other than earlobe.

Also, the jewellery used by piercing guns tends to be “one-size-fits-all” and doesn’t allow for different length posts for people with different size earlobes. Just as this doesn’t work well for clothing, it doesn’t work well for body jewellery. The butterfly clasp on the back of the jewellery tends to harbour dirt, debris, and bacteria. It’s also very, very rare to find ear gun studs that are made of implant-grade materials.

For all these reasons we don’t use piercing guns and feel they are never appropriate.


What jewellery do you use?

All jewellery is either ASTM F136 grade titanium or 14k Gold.

Do you have a Pricelist?

Here it is:

  • Single Lobe - Plain Jewellery £15
  • Single Lobe - Gem Jewellery £20
  • Double Lobe - Plain Jewellery £25
  • Double Lobe - Gem Jewellery £30
  • Ear Rim (Helix) - Plain Jewellery £20
  • Ear Rim (Helix) - Gem Jewellery £25
  • Tragus - Plain Jewellery £20
  • Tragus - Gem Jewellery £25
  • Anti-Tragus - £25
  • Rook - £25
  • Daith - £25
  • Snug - £25
  • Conch (upper/lower) - £25
  • Industrial/Scaffold - £30
  • Nose - Plain Jewellery £20
  • Nose - Gem Jewellery £25
  • Septum - £30
  • Eyebrow - £25
  • Lip - 1.2mm Jewellery £20
  • Lip - 1.6mm Jewellery £25
  • Vertical Labret - £25
  • Philtrum (Medusa) - £25
  • Smiley (Frenum) - £25
  • Navel - Plain Jewellery £20
  • Navel - Single Gem £25
  • Navel - Double Gem £30
  • Nipple - Single £25
  • Nipple - Double £45
  • 3mm Diver - £25
  • 4mm Diver - £30
  • 3mm Anchor - £30
  • 4mm Anchor - £35
  • Tongue - (Inc. 1st Jewellery downsize) £30
  • Vertical or Horizontal Hood from £50
  • Christina Piercing from £40
  • Prince Albert from £50
  • Dydoe from £40
  • Frenum from £40
  • Scrotum from £40

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Piercing and Laser by Chel Weaver