Why Breast Cancer is so close to my heart

When I was a little girl, I went swimming with my Grandad at South End Caravan Park, Walney Island (where I’m originally from).

“What’s that grandad” I said, pointing at the large scar running horizontally across the left side of his chest. “I got bitten by a shark” I laughed, then we carried on swimming, I will ALWAYS remember that moment.

My grandad had breast cancer as I later learned, when I grew up.
Fast forward roughly 20 years, and I was living in London, tattooing at Skunx Tattoo in Angel, Islington. I met the most incredible person, Ismena Clout (Issy). I’ll never forget the first time I met her. She came in and asked if I would be interested in tattooing her favourite flower, a buddlea, over her mastectomy scar. Then proceeded (in front of an entire studio full of artists and clients) to yank off her top to show me said scar, to see if it’d be possible. I think I loved her instantly. Over the years I tattooed first her left mastectomy scar, then her right. We became good friends.
Issy ran a blog and website A bit of a Boob’, and was also what we joked “the bus stop poster pin up”. She also did a campaign with some other amazing women for the charity ‘Breast Cancer Care’ and was featured in billboard posters, and bust stops all over London. Proud was an understatement.
Much more proud of her, than I was seeing my artwork plastered everywhere.
Then when Issy was almost 40 and by this point ‘terminal’, I did what is frowned on by a lot of tattooists, myself included. Living in Birmingham by this time, some 5 years later, I travelled down to Issys house after literally just passing my driving test. As Ismena was house bound and had been given a few months to live, one of her last ‘bucket list’ things to have done, was a little tree frog to cover one of her various surgery scars, the one that annoyed her the most, on her hip. We laughed, and cried as ‘Kitchen wizard Kez’ tattooed a little frog on her, in her front living room. Issy made it to her 40th Birthday a few month later which was her absolute goal, but sadly…the last time I saw her was in her living room, tattoo machine in hand. I’ll always cherish that last hug, just before I packed my things up back in my car, dried my eyes. And drove back home.


  • 3D Areola Nipple Tattoo (single) £100
  • ​3D Areola Nipple Tattoo (double) £200
  • ​Price includes touch up session (should it be required.)

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the process. Just send me an email:  kerry@modernelectric.tattoo along with:

  • Your Name
  • Phone number
  • Date of last surgery or revision and what the procedure was.
  • Please send three pictures (right breast, left breast, and both sides) Please use good lighting, preferably natural light as it gives the best representation of colour.

Areola Reconstruction 10

Areola Reconstruction 17

Areola Reconstruction 16

Areola Reconstruction 14

Areola Reconstruction 13

Areola Reconstruction 11

Areola Reconstruction 9

Areola Reconstruction 8

Areola Reconstruction 7

Areola Reconstruction 6

Areola Reconstruction 4

Areola Reconstruction 3

Kerry Irvine


Kerry is lovely, very friendly and reassuring, she goes to a lot of trouble to make sure your mastectomy reconstruction tattoo is fabulous!

Bee JlzeClient

Amazing thank you sooooo much for mine, 5 weeks on and they look so blooming real x

Andria BakerClient


Unlike nipple tattoo offered by the NHS my procedure is permanent. Our wonderful NHS do a great job but honestly, we believe, this is the kind that should be done by an experienced artist. Let’s leave our nurses to get on with the thing they’re trained for and so very good at. Saving lives!

I use traditional tattoo inks, needles and machines in my application process. This means, that the tattoo can be made far more detailed and you don’t experience the normal fading you see with cosmetic tattooing.

The process takes place at The Modern Electric Tattoo Co. in a Private treatment room away from the regular tattooing area. We all felt that, whilst Modern Electric is a small friendly shop, because of the extremely personal nature of your tattoo we wanted to give you a quieter, private experience.

With that in mind it’s really important to us that you feel informed and in control during our part of your journey. I hear hundreds of stories from ladies that I have helped over the years and ‘losing control of my future’ seems to come up a lot. After talking to my boss Paul about what we could do we decided to make sure that YOU remain at the centre of our focus during your entire time in our care.

I will guide you and explain to you the entire process from placement and size, to ink colour selection and after care. Every person is different and it requires a trained eye to interpret what will be necessary to accomplish the best result for you. Variables such as scar patterns, skin thickness, scar tissue, and placement all need to be taken into account to achieve the very best and most natural look possible.

I mix colours that are complementary to your skin tone and match the areola size to the size of your breast, this provides the most natural colour tone and because the finished tattoo appears three-dimensional it also gives the illusion of projection.

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