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Paul Talbot

“Paul Talbot is often cited as one of the world’s leading exponents of a graphic tattoo style that inspired a whole scene. Like Andy Warhol art dragged thru 20yrs of dirty rehearsal rooms & beer soaked punk gigs”.

In a sea of ‘sameness’ his instantly recognisable style – that combines street art influences with contemporary portraiture and graphic design – emerges as a fresh voice with a clear vision. The underlying theme of his work speaks to a far broader audience.  He gives us permission to do not wait for the stars to align.  If the road doesn’t exist, make your own.

He describes his work as KarmaPunk™ Collages – stills from a postmodern, science-fiction movie set ten minutes in the future and his process as Re-examining Bits and Pieces of What’s Been Discarded in the Haste of the Late 20th Century and Sticking Them Together. ⁣

‘I’m a Good Old Fashioned Rebel Challenging the Notion that Tattoo Iconography is Relevant to a 21st Century Working-Class, 80’s Analogue, Comic Book Reading Suburban Rock’n’Roll Kid from the Middle of England.’


Paul has won a number of awards in both design and tattooing, including an industry award for ‘most innovative style’. He has also been nominated for a Grammy twice, is a published animal rights poet and producer of a number 1 hit single – all facts that he likes to drop into conversation whenever he can!

‘ I first opened Modern Electric in 2010. We’ve been in our current location since 2013. I could tell you all about the awards we’ve won but, quite honestly, I wouldn’t expect you to either care or be impressed so instead I’ll tell you about the idea…
The idea was simply; open a friendly shop that everyone would feel comfortable in and do great tattoos for anyone who wanted one without any ego or pretentiousness. Kind of like being tattooed in friends living room – if that living room was 1500 sq ft with seven tattoo stations in it!
Modern Electric is a family owned and run business. My wife, Karen is the studios manager, both my kids learnt to tattoo here and my daughter Beth still works here. My son Gage is currently tattoo in Nottingham but does ‘guestspots’ here all the time.
I like to think we offer tattooing in a great atmosphere with good conversation and decent coffee. Most of us live in the village of Catshill and we’re connected to the area and even though we do world class, award winning tattoos and have big reputations as artists, we don’t expect everyone to be a hard-core tattoo fan, you might simply want to get a great tattoo in a place where you feel comfortable and welcome. No matter who you are or what you want to get tattooed. So we treat everyone as ‘a guest in our house’ right the way through the process from the design to the aftercare.
Whatever kind of tattoo you’re looking for you’ll find an artist who’s capable and friendly at our little shop and I hope you’ll also have a great time getting it.
Take care
Paul Talbot


But who’s counting right?!