First Time Here?

Modern Electric simply creates great tattoos. Plus, we do it in the best tattoo studio in Bromsgrove! It’s a friendly shop that everyone can feel comfortable in. Without any ego or pretentiousness. We’re just very proud of our home. Kind of like being tattooed in a friends living room – if that living room was 1500 sq ft with seven tattoo stations in it!

I like to think we are the best tattoo studio in Bromsgrove because we like to maintain a great atmosphere with good conversation and decent coffee. Even during these troubling times. Most of us live in the village of Catshill and we’re connected to the area. Even though we do world class, award winning tattoos and have big reputations as artists, we don’t expect everyone to be a hard-core tattoo fan.

You might simply want to get a great tattoo in a place where you feel comfortable and welcome. The studio is a quiet private place for a reason. We’re concentrating on making something you’ll wear for the rest of your life and we prefer not to be distracted!

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